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dreams and their meaning. or not-meaning. whatever.

so many people (included me) talking about their dreams here. Well... what do you think?
Do dreams have a meaning? If yes, all the time? Just sometimes? What parts of dreams do have a meaning?
For example I am dreaming often jut a mix-up of my past life, the people I know and some of my fears and hopes. Just very rare I have dreams who really do have a story, and of which I think they do have a meaning - I'm not very used to the whole 'there was a stone, that means.. a cloud means.. the car tells you that... -dreamsign' thing. I'm not good in telling meanings of dreams at all most of the times unless they do have a 'story line'
So what do you think?
Hey people, please a few more than usual to write an answer, k? ^^;;;;
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