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I got my first pendulum yesteday (Its SO beautiful! It has a clear quartz stone and a little circular quartz stone at the top where you hold it. If you get the metaphysical catalouge AzureGreen, you can see pictures.) and I used it to ask a series of questions...its so scary the way it works so well for me.

Actually, I'm almost not surprised cause my tarot cards are working fantastically freakishly well lately too. I'm something of a collector.

I got my first tarot deck two summers ago, the Goddess Tarot (Which is BEAUTIFUL). They worked well with me and I loved them so. A few months ago I buckled and got the Rider-Waite deck, which I had always sworn I would never get, not because its such a popular deck, and nearly every collector I've known has the deck, but because the pictures were not eye-candy like the Goddess deck. But nonetheless, I got the mini-deck and its so was ten bucks, I didn't care. I'm going to be giving those to my cousin.

Then I got two more decks at Barnes & Nobles, I'd say in the last week or so. They were on sale for 75% off and anytime you can get something you love for that much off (And especially if they run 16 bucks a deck as the ones I got were) you POUNCE on that chance.

I got the Lord of the Rings Tarot and on the advice of the friend with me, Alister Crowley's Thoth Tarot.

I got to know the decks and got to know the feel of how they would work for me, and how I would work for them, just as I had done with my other two decks. (Or tried to, in the Rider deck's case)

I tried the LOTR first, since I was more familiar with the series. They worked fine and we had a great relationship.

But nothing prepared me for what happened with the Thoth deck.

I shuffled the deck the first time and laid the cards out as I always do (Celtic Cross fashion, ugh, will SOMEONE hook me up with a few good book titles of tarot spreads or a website which illustrates thusly because I'm not exadurating when I say thats one of the entire THREE spreads I know) and I was floored by their accuracy. Those cards have NEVER been wrong on me, and I'm not yet comfortable to read for others with the deck yet ( I carry my Goddess deck with me always and if I'm asked by a friend to read, I use those) but I will probably only use those for my own use and adopt another deck strickly for reading for friends.
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