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and finally me too.. So many people are dreaming such apocalyptic things in these days. This is the first time I did, too. I still don't know what it means. If anybody of you dream such hings, please tell your dreams here. This is kinda intresting, I think, and I would like to find ot more about it.
And yes, O consider this an important entry, XD please comment and tell me if you think if such dreams mean something at all or not or something else, or whatever...

so here the dream:

It first a computer game, where one had to jump over a worldmap. the countries gor destoyed after the second or third touch. Suddely I was in the game. I was afraid a bit, but not much. I felt very.. I dunno. As if I had the power ove the world.. O.o suddely I knew it was something about war and betrayal, and I found a last count�ry that was fair. And it lived, it couldn't get destroyed. It was the 'Gaelic council' or so, something with Ireland. It layed in the northwest of the world. However, I heared a voice, like a reader in a good movie, e.g. lotr. he said 'it looks as if they were rescued.' but then 'but they trusted too much in the others'
And suddely China and America came, like 'we don't want you to have a country left. all or nobody' and then they destoryed the ast country, the world was gone, and I woke up.
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