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Strange dream this night: I was on an island, with some peopole I knew, but the only one I could remember was my sis. This island was a cirlle lamd around a vulcano. Between the land and the vulcano were about 3 metres water. And this vulcano (how is that caled when it gets active.. exploded?) however, a few people drove there to see it. so my sis. unfortunately I sat in the car too. We drove over the driver and then saw that fire lances, lavar etc etc came down the street (which was built on the vulcano) I shoutet at my sister to drive away, but she was so slow.. Finally we managed to get iver the driver again and in this minute I thought 'this is just a dream. it doesn't matter what hapends.' So I was much more calm. We had to climp over few things to get away. suddely my sis was gone, and I stood in front of a house. From there the real story line disappeared, but it was still somehow cool...
what do vulcanos in dreams mean? XD
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