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this night I dreamed about a kind of 'chase' (I mean like the game where you have to chase people who are hidden etc etc - 'scjnitzeljagt' in german) in a cool building with many secret passages etc, but it still looked like a 'normal' building, somehow a bit like an old primsry school.
however, I came to a room full of things like cool rings, gem stones, etc etc etc, everything looking very mystic. there also were a few sculls with candles on them.. and a bed and a tv in the room. there I found something, but I don't know what.
Then the dream changed, I was at a beach, and had to run away from someone. and then somehow the beach was very dangerous, and everybody was afraid of sinking into the beach. then a few of the people in my school whom I really dislke threw cookies at me, and I threw them back (^^;;) and finally I hsung the song 'the boy ids mine' by brandy and monica ( I hate the song!) and walked away into a village. I reached a church and the dream was over.

what could that mean???? if at all?
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