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five to twelfe or: vicious circle around the world, or: apocalypse now, or just simply: shadows are getting longer, it's *turn to start*

shadows getting longer and longer. just to quote one song from Elisabeth:

the shadows are getting longer,
and the songs turn cold
the vicious circle gets narrower,
but one just hears what they want to.
it's five to twelfe, time's already over!

I can feel it. that's not just stupid stories for fun. It is like his! something happends. not just in my life, not just in germany. woldwide, and more. The atmosphere of the whole world changes.
I keep reading The FAZ, one of germany's most serious newspapers, which is sometimes really boring. however, the biggest articles are only writing what you see in the news everytime. but if you pay attention to those very small articles, you will find a few really intresting things. of course the FAZ is also controlled by someone - every media is - but here you get much more then anywhere else. reeally, just read the most serious newspaper you can get and you'll find high-intresting things.
well that wasn't the point, just something.
the point - the atmostphere of the whole world, the feelibg. it changed much. It's not much more needed, then it's enough and something realy big will happen. it's like when you are really angry, but keep it to yourself. the time will come that you explode. same here.
normal people do not believe that anything even could happen. the others hope that it won't.
I layed tarot for the world situation the other day.
for those who understand it...:
I layed the great circle, with all cards of the deck. First thing to say is that 8 of 12 cards were major arcanas. It never happend to me that there were so many major cards in onwe tarot-laying. (or however its called in english)
I can't remember them all, but there were the head down tower. I can't remeber the cars as I said, but the main messages were something like change/chaos/power/politic-crisis or similar things/death and rebirth
this lets one think, doesn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen.
so the bad atmosphere... yeah, sounds stupid, but somehow I always feel important changes in the world somehow. I can't say what or where, I just can saythat And I never can say when. I just know that the atmosphere of' change' is stronger than ever. I don't know if it will crash or calm down. we'll see. What do you think?
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