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magical stones in gloomy grottos

Duuuh... O.o
Had a really strange dream tonight. well it wasn't everything that odd, just a few parts. I can't remeber every single part, but well...

I was in our ciry, but it looked very medieval. I remeber that I looked at one of the rivers in our city, and it also looked more medieval. however, the old city wall was there too, and it looked pretty new. I mean, built with the same stones as they really used in that time, but they looked very clean etc. so as if I would be in that time. there was a grotto on the backsite of one of our churches. (and the church was in the dream katholic, normally it isn't.) sand in that grooto a frien of mine was somehow captured by a woman. and he had to search a little magic stone. the problem was that there was the river, which made a small lake at this place, and in it were sooo many stones...
I decited to help him, and went to that woman. she 'allowed' me to get into that grotto too, and finally we both searched for that stone. after two stones I had enough and tried to talk things out whith that woman, and finally she allowec us to go. I dunno why but after that I still searched the stone.

what does that mean????
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